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About Us

About MCC

Mississauga Career college serves the needs of anyone who wants to learn and become successful in life.

Mississauga Career College provides a unique learning experience. We are a registered private college with a diversity of programs to meet the needs of various students.
We are proud to serve all from Canadian students, new Canadians, international students, to seniors and youth.
Our programs can set you on a path to a new career, provide additional training, or simply help you learn new skills.

Our Mission

Mississauga Career College aims to provide the highest quality, purposeful, and practical learning experience to our students by bridging the gap between learning concepts and their implementation

Our Vision

Mississauga Career College’s vision is to help everyone achieve their goals, through high quality education and experience.

Affordable Education

We believe in accessible education, our professional services specialized on implementation and training ensures that returns on your investments and efforts are achieved at their earliest.

Our Instructors

Part of providing our students with the highest quality education is finding the highest quality instructors. At MCC we pride ourselves on working with instructors with many years of experience in their field, as well as a love of teaching. From our Certificate Programs to our Craftsmanship classes, our instructors are skilled, passionate, and eager to impress on their students an appreciation and understanding of the subject matter. We are certain that you will love our team of MCC instructors.

Career Development

Career development is a continual process that can bring optimal results with efficient management of one’s own time and resources. The development process involves a thorough understanding of various aspects of work and life and the ways to balance both. Career change is a process that can only be completed through you enhancing your abilities and skills to thrive in your prospective career. Proper planning and strategies for the same may help you achieve the success you wish for.

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Whether you’re a local student looking to embark on your career, a mature student interested in upgrading your skills and searching for a higher paying job or an international student who is interested to study in Canada, we have the courses that will set you on your path to success.

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