Pharmacy Assistant (PA)

Program Overview

Mississauga Career College offers our students the opportunity to learn pharmacy fundamentals, the relevant    laws,    communication    skills,   business management and employment strategies within the healthcare sector. The Pharmacy Assistant program provides students with classrooms  that  simulate real-world pharmacy settings and relevant equipment; students are prepared to work as members of an interdependent health-care team. Our program is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need to work in a variety of pharmacy settings (hospital, community, retail).

This program prepares you with all the essentials you need to serve consumers who require pharmaceutical care. You will take courses which provide you with the overview of theories and principles to succeed as a Pharmacy Assistant.

You will learn how to accurately and safely process prescriptions, the proper extemporaneous compounding techniques, pharmacy software process, anatomy and physiology terminology, retail pharmacy best practices, CPR and First Aid, and pharmacy mathematics.


As a Pharmacy Assistant graduate, you may work for pharmacists in retail pharmacies, home healthcare divisions/companies, institutional settings and pharmaceutical distribution wholesalers/manufacturers.

Note that some career options may require advanced degrees, further training or experience.

Program Length

Total Program Length = 1015 Hours

20 Hours Per Week For 51 Weeks
(12 Months)



  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent,or
  • Current Standard First Aid and Basic Rescuer (Level C) CPR Certification.
  • Vulnerable Sector Police check within 45 days from program start date.
  • Medical Certificate (immunization form)

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I would like to thank Mina Rizkalla for his amazing assistance. Mina was so polite, patient and helpful. Thank you Mississauga Career College for having someone like Mina.

Also I don’t want to forget MarianeTadros for her patience and help through out the time before the course started. Thank you so much Samuel, it is great college.

Mohab Ragheb

I was an accountant with the old method but this Career College has helped me to work with programs Canada uses and I want to thank our College Principle for choosing us a professional professor with high-level knowledge, patience and flexibility. I also want to thank the employees because of being persistence and having high sense of responsibility. I recommend this College to anyone who is planning to do something different as a job or renew/update their certificate to a Canadian certificate that is more acceptable. I’m very happy that I got this opportunity to grow in every aspect.


I just finished a Computerized Accounting Tax and Payroll Diploma and it was so helpful, the instructor was really professional and the collage is even helping us find a job.

I have had such a great experience with Mississauga Career College and I recommend you have it too.

Nesreen Nabil

Your first impression will be how impressive the College Facility is, I suggest to talk to one of their friendly well informed Counselors, they will guide you in everything including filling up forms. Chosing career, presenting tuition fees plans…..etc.

They have professional Admin Staff. I noticed their Education fees are very competitively priced. They have highly educated Professors. They also offer finance plans and working careers.

Tarek He9

The ECA Program at the Mississauga Training Centre was perfect for me! All the classes are well-organized and the staff were so helpful. I learned a lot through the program and by the time I graduated I was ready to start my career! The ECA program at MTC was the ladder that took me from the first step to the top – I became confident to work with children after I took the two field placements.

After I graduated, they kept helping me to prepare my resume and start applying for jobs. Now I’m a permanent teacher at a daycare. I would like to thank everyone who helped me to reach my goals.

Jwan Haddo

I am currently attending the Pre – Med program and I have to say its an amazing program. I was able to save a lot, specially by signing up early. Its not that far from home.

The profs know what they are talking about and the classes are small and all about you so you can really focus on what you know and what you don’t know.

Fady Amgad

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