Early Childcare Assistant

The Early Childcare Assistant program equips childcare workers with the knowledge, skills and experience for employment as Assistants in day care or early learning centers. The program gives students an overview of the responsibilities of an early childcare assistant and the opportunity to perform these responsibilities through an on-site practicum placement. The program also presents foundational skills needed for those seeking to move into an Early Childhood Educator program.

Career Responsibilities

The program includes a practicum that provides the student with an opportunity to incorporate classroom theory into real work situations. It allows the student the ability to demonstrate, evaluate and refine skills needed by a professional in an early child care environment. It also provides mentorship for the student to observe and interact with other early childhood professionals.

Responsibilities in the practicum include:

  • Develop a reflective practice by keeping a daily journal of practicum experiences.
  • Reflect on each practicum assignment and experience; evaluate practices used and decisions made.
  • Evaluate constructive criticism from others; incorporate useful information into personal practice as an educator.
  • Identify mistakes; be accountable and make corrections if appropriate; be prepared to explain decisions and actions.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn from others – children, parents, co-workers, supervisor, etc.
  • Identify successes; reflect and assess with a view to transferring skills to other situations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to adapt skills to address new situations; reflect and evaluate adaptations.

Career Opportunities

Child care and early childhood education are careers that offer variety, challenges and an opportunity to advance as skills and knowledge develop. There are numerous job opportunities for an Early Childcare Assistant:

  • Childcare Centres
  • Ontario Early Years Centres
  • Private regulated home-based childcare
  • Kindergartens
  • Agencies for exceptional children
  • Parent/Child Literacy Centres

Admission Requirements

Mississauga Career Centre has specific admission requirements. Some courses have additional requirements.

Student Assistance

Students may be eligible to get help paying for the training from government programs such as:

  • Second Career – funding to cover program costs and living expenses for unemployed and laid-off workers.
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Board – funding to cover program costs for injured workers.
  • Ontario Works – funding to cover program costs for recipients of Ontario Works
  • Aboriginal Bands – funding to cover program costs for band members
  • Employers can apply for funding to help pay for employee training through the Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant.

Or visit our financial assistance page for more resources.

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