Medical Office Assistant

The Medical Office Assistant program will provide students with the knowledge needed to become integral members of the health care team. A Medical Office Assistant performs many administrative and some basic clinical procedures. Students will learn the skills to perform duties such as scheduling medical appointments, receiving and communicating messages for doctors and patients, typing medical records, reports and correspondence, and maintaining confidential medical files and records.

Career Responsibilities

Major responsibilities of the Medical Office Assistant include:

  • Cooperate with all members of the health team.
  • Promote safety, work in a safe manner, practice universal precautions and maintain a clean working environment.
  • Schedule and confirm medical appointments and receive and communicate messages for doctors and patients.
  • Type medical records, reports and correspondence from handwritten notes or machine dictation.
  • Interview patients to complete forms, documents and case histories.
  • Complete and submit insurance and other claim forms.
  • Initiate and maintain confidential medical files and records.
  • Prepare financial statements and handle billing procedures.
  • Order supplies and maintain inventory.
  • Perform other general office work as required.
  • Plan and initiate procedural set ups including those required for patient preparation and maintenance for supplies and equipment.
  • Assist with simple diagnostic and medical procedures as required.

Career Opportunities

A Medical Office Assistant has several other job titles, including medical secretary, medical office administrator, medical receptionist and unit clerk. Rewarding Career Opportunities can be found in a variety of areas including:

  • Private and Public Hospitals
  • Public Health Offices
  • Long Term Care Facilities
  • Medical Offices
  • Specialists’ Offices
  • Nursing Services
  • Government Offices with medical related departments

Admission Requirements

Mississauga Career Centre has specific admission requirements. Some courses have additional requirements. The Personal Support Worker has the following requirements:

  • Ontario secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, and mature student status
  • Medical Certificate (Immunization Form) is required indicating that the student has up-to-date immunization
  • CPR & First Aid Certificates – Students must complete STANDARD FIRST AID and BASIC RESCUER CPR prior to clinical placement

Student Assistance

Students may be eligible to get help paying for the training from government programs such as:

  • Second Career – funding to cover program costs and living expenses for unemployed and laid-off workers.
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Board – funding to cover program costs for injured workers.
  • Ontario Works – funding to cover program costs for recipients of Ontario Works
  • Aboriginal Bands – funding to cover program costs for band members
  • Employers can apply for funding to help pay for employee training through the Canada-Ontario Jobs Grant.

Or visit our financial assistance page for more resources.

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