Fady Amgad

I am currently attending the Pre – Med program and I have to say its an amazing program. I was able to save a lot, specially by signing up early. Its not that far from home. The profs know what they are talking about and the classes are small and all about you so you… Continue reading Fady Amgad

Jwan Haddo

The ECA Program at the Mississauga Training Centre was perfect for me! All the classes are well-organized and the staff were so helpful. I learned a lot through the program and by the time I graduated I was ready to start my career! The ECA program at MTC was the ladder that took me from the first… Continue reading Jwan Haddo

Tarek He9

Your first impression will be how impressive the College Facility is, I suggest to talk to one of their friendly well informed Counselors, they will guide you in everything including filling up forms. Chosing career, presenting tuition fees plans…..etc. They have professional Admin Staff. I noticed their Education fees are very competitively priced. They have… Continue reading Tarek He9

Nesreen Nabil

I just finished a Computerized Accounting Tax and Payroll Diploma and it was so helpful, the instructor was really professional and the collage is even helping us find a job. I have had such a great experience with Mississauga Career College and I recommend you have it too.


I was an accountant with the old method but this Career College has helped me to work with programs Canada uses and I want to thank our College Principle for choosing us a professional professor with high-level knowledge, patience and flexibility. I also want to thank the employees because of being persistence and having high… Continue reading Mersa

Mohab Ragheb

I would like to thank Mina Rizkalla for his amazing assistance. Mina was so polite, patient and helpful. Thank you Mississauga Career College for having someone like Mina. Also I don’t want to forget MarianeTadros for her patience and help through out the time before the course started. Thank you so much Samuel, it is… Continue reading Mohab Ragheb